Cabins, treatment rooms, technicians and monitors are visually controlled in the work schedule. The sale of products and the issuing of invoices are easily done from a touch screen. You can also generate entry tickets and gift vouchers.


Verial planning

Items tab with a large number of user-configurable fields for complete management of the item.

Image management.

Inventory control by warehouse, managing maximums and minimums.

Purchase and sales statistics.

Verial planning

It includes the articles used, indicating the % on the price of this one.

Definition of the total time of duration, preparation and the employee by the worker.

Image management.

Verial planning

Allows you to group items and treatments in a single tab by defining these with or without planning, for greater control and speed when assigning them.

Verial planning

Definition of the different spaces of the Spa to keep track of the places where the different treatments are given.

Allows you to specify which items will automatically be assigned to the room and staff.

Plans of the different spaces.

Verial planning

Through this card we will keep track of everything that has been done to the patient:

Diagnoses, treatments, images with the location of the illness, data from consultations, medical history, etc.

Specialist who treated him etc.

A large number of configurable fields to keep a better control of the patient.

Verial planning

The rates offer the possibility of defining different prices depending on:

* The dates:

Day of the week, by number of days, season and by periods.

* Types of customers:

Retirees, 60′ club, imserso, agencies, commercial packages, etc.

Verial planning

Visualization of the treatments requested by:

* Days, weeks, months and hours.

* Without grouping, grouping by date and grouping by resource.

* By articles, rooms, staff or all.

* Selection of the days to be displayed by calendar, browser or both.

The services offered will appear by color and with labels, which will allow you to see which service has been offered, which room has been assigned and which employee will take care of it.

It also allows you to create the service from this same calendar.

Verial planning

Total control of the Spa:

Tickets, reservations and budgets differentiated by colour.

Assignment of articles, treatments and services offered with their dates, units, prices, employees and corresponding locations.

Creation, modification and elimination of both services and documents.

Automatic rates by client.

Deliveries on account.

Billing groups.

Spa TPV.


Report display.


Verial planning

Wide range of clients and suppliers.

Fiscal, commercial and shipping data.

General and special rates per customer and per supplier.

Online discounts.

Agent / Commission agent per customer.

Verial planning

Amount of risk for the sale.

Notices in the vendor documents.

No. of copies to be printed per type of document.

Sending of invoices by e-mail in PDF format.

Association of files in any format.

Verial planning

Management of purchases from suppliers: orders, delivery notes, invoices...

Inventory control.

Perishables and damages.


Movements, exits, warehouse entries.

Verial planning

Verial provides all the information generated by the program through screens with multiple filters, to access precisely the content we want. For this purpose, we have developed the "Report Center", a screen that groups the most frequent reports, so that the user can easily access all the information needed.

The reports cover every facet of the programme: basic reception and maintenance reports, management reports, purchases, financial reports, collections and payments, cash registers, production, statistics, INE, police, accounting, etc.