Verial Restaurant has been developed so that hardly any training is needed.

Our sales system allows a user to learn the basic operating functions in just a few minutes.

It is an intuitive and easy to use system, but powerful when it comes to controlling your business: tables, waiters, diners, suppliers, stock, cash registers, departments...


Verial planning

Each waiter will be able to take his table with his entrance password from the same terminal, both to open the table and to modify it.

Verial planning

Possibility of putting an automatic article per diner, being able to modify both the quantity and the article.

Verial planning

From one sales area to another.

From one table to another, of all or part of the items.

Verial planning

Differentiated by sales area.

Organized in groups.

Sorting of the groups.

Sorting of the group's content.

Items in force or not according to season.

Control and reservation of tables.

Changing or joining tables.

Commands sent to kitchen printer.

Unlimited groups.

Verial planning

Invoice, delivery note or simplified invoice, nominal or to various customers.

Direct charge to a room (with hotel module).

Different ways of charging in the same document.

Balance control at the time of collection.

Breakdown of an invoice into several ones.

Division of a table into several invoices.

Invitations: You can invite from a single item, to a whole table.

Verial planning

By waiter, stall and sales area.

Verial planning

It allows to control the status of the customer orders and which delivery person has to do or has already done this operation.

Management of several delivery personnel.

Grouping and selection filters by status and by delivery company.

Several display modes.

Verial planning

Specialized touch screen, with different ways of working: tables, bar, direct action.

Organization of sales sections through letters, which include an image gallery to identify each product.

Scale of dishes.

Serving order of each dish: from 1, 2, 3...

State of readiness.

Cocktails and cocktails.


Customer loyalty.

Vip cards.

Verial planning

We control date and time of occupation.

Tables and dinners.

Client and tables specified.

Verial planning

All aspects of normal warehouse management are covered:

Orders, reception of goods, returns, warehouse withdrawals for various reasons, massive cost changes, stock, comparative reports of purchases and sales, inventories, etc.

Verial planning

Possibility of entering articles and prices through a single screen and at once, or through an article consultant with images exclusive to Verial.

Verial planning

It allows the management of your restaurant from any point of the establishment by means of the use of a handheld terminal, in an agile and simple way.

Being able to make all the management of the TPV as if it was made from your equipment.

Verial planning

The program has multiple reports, but also gives us the possibility to create our own through the report designer that incorporates the application. Among others we can make the following reports:

Cash drawdowns, the most and least sold, daily production, annual production compared, incidents (user corrections in sales documents), etc.