Verial Books, with a history of almost 3 decades, is the program that allows the management of all aspects of the sector, with specific developments for each of them: Bookstores and stationers, Publishers and distributors. Complemented with integrations such as SINLI, CEGALRED, GLOBALBOOK...


Verial planning

Extensive book file to add all the necessary values: authors, publisher, date of first edition, subject, collection, status, cover, etc.

Different processes with distributors or publishers:
- Globalbook.
- Cegal en Red.
- Sinli.
- LibriData.

Verial planning

- LiberiasL.
- GlobalDesk.

Lots of books and articles.

Simple, composite, manufactured...

Manual or automatic codes (different barcodes, per item and per supplier).

Packages, pieces, boxes, etc.

Mass registration: manual, by text file or by SINLI.

Various tariffs and warehouses.

Verial planning

Complete customer and supplier file.

Fiscal, commercial and shipping data.

General and special rates per customer and per supplier.

Online discounts.

Agent / Commission agent per customer.

Verial planning

Amount of risk for the sale.

Notifications in the customer/vendor documents.

No. of copies to be printed per type of document.

Sending of invoices by e-mail in PDF format.

Association of files in any format

Verial planning

Easy to use and agile to sell and collect.

Simplified invoices on hold.

Control of customer balances and deliveries on account.

Document conversion (simplified fraud, delivery notes, invoices, quotations).

Cash register and sales reports.

By keyboard and/or touch screen.

Signature and deposit slips.

Total or partial invoicing of delivery notes.

Estimates, orders and returns.

Collection screen.

Verial planning

Invoices, delivery notes (on deposit, firm and new with expiry date) orders, quotes and firm and firm returns.

Inventory control.

Documents of entries, exits and warehouse movements.

Partial or complete inventories.

Updating of costs and prices...

Replenishment of goods, automatic generation of orders by vendor.

Transfer of articles between warehouses, justified withdrawals.

Manual, automatic or assistant returns.

Verial planning

Verial Management provides all the information generated by the program through screens with multiple filters, to access precisely the content we want. For this purpose, we have developed the "Report Center", a screen that groups the most frequent reports, so that the user can easily access all the information needed.

The reports cover every aspect of the program: basic reception and maintenance reports, management reports, purchases, financial reports, collections and payments, cash registers, production reports, statistics, accounting reports, etc.