Verial Hotel / Restaurant is an ERP and PMS that allows you to manage all areas of your business. It is a modular solution that by investing just the right amount you will be able to cover your demand, whether it is a holiday hotel, congress and events hotel, a spa or a restaurant; the specialization of each module will give you total control over each work area.
For individual hotels, hotel groups or chains.


Verial planning

Graphic display of the planning through different filters: By date, availability, status, type, building, floor, no. of days...
It allows you to modify dates, change rooms, view owner and occupant data, access the invoice, delivery note or proforma. It has direct buttons to the information of entrances, exits today, exits tomorrow, etc. You can also select any date from any year.
From customer documents: Invoices, delivery notes, budgets / proforma, you can manage the entire process of Reservation, Check in and Check out, without losing access to the planning if necessary consult any situation: by days, by weeks, by months, free, dirty, etc.

Verial planning The Reservation / Check in / Invoice document, allows for the allocation of several holders: holder and company, reservation centre, agencies and as many invoices as needed, with the division of charges that you request. Everything with a touch of the mouse, which allows us, together with the customer's file, to prepare a cardex faithful to the real consumption of each customer.

Verial planning

Verial Hotel, offers the possibility of defining differentiated prices by general rates and/or contracts.
The so-called Fixed Rates, allow you to define specific prices to be applied directly, without being subject to dates. It has an efficient definition of discounts to apply or establish exceptions, by days of the week, for 3rd and 4th person, early booking, long stay, etc.
The Composite Rates establish ranges of application dates. They can include the previous ones, conditioning the prices to the established dates.
The Contracts by Person, allow to associate a series of parameters to adapt the offer to the person, company, agency, etc. to which this contract is attributed. These parameters can be one of the previous rates with specific application dates, be included in a quota, establish a short stay value, discounts for 3rd and 4th person and 1st and 2nd child, as well as the charges and prices that we want to assign to this contract.

Verial planning

Management of quotas for agencies / companies with release days, start and end dates.
Viewing this management / availability from the hotel planning or from your own planning.

Verial planning

Verial Hotel provides all the information generated by the program through screens with multiple filters, to access precisely the content we want. For this purpose, we have developed the "Report Center", a screen that groups the most frequent reports, so that the user can easily access all the information needed.

The reports cover every facet of the programme: basic reception and maintenance reports, management reports, purchases, financial reports, collections and payments, cash registers, production, statistics, INE, police, accounting, etc.

Verial planning

Management of purchases from suppliers: orders, delivery notes, invoices...

Inventory control.


Perishables and damages.

Movements, exits, warehouse entries.

We have designed a tool so that its use does not interfere with the accounting accounts, which helps to simplify the accounting and allows us to present much more information.

The projects will be defined, independent or connected within a tree, which allows us to see one or all of the exploitation.

The values can be predetermined for each project or entered manually by purchase invoice line or fixed assets and payroll. It allows percentage divisions.

The project tree will give us detailed information on costs at all levels of the tree. Also comparatives by years or periods.

Access from accounting entries to the cost center of each document posted.

Verial planning

We will manage them from reception.

We will be able to define the spaces and the type of assembly for each occasion, according to the type of event.

If the event requires it, we can develop "menus". These give us a cost analysis for production and statistics, as well as a perfect control of the stock. This allows us to place orders with suppliers or to provide quotations for customers.

Transfer of charges from other sales areas to the room. Being able to give the client a receipt of the operation.

Verial planning