Essential for companies that provide services and periodically invoice a fee.

You will save a lot of time and avoid mistakes.

The bills generated can be opened and more charges added.

Cleaning companies, community service, consulting, software, rentals, elevators, etc.


Verial planning

This module is part of the Verial Management. It requires the customer and item databases, as well as the invoicing to customers and their collections.

Each tab allows a description or concept that complements the billable "item".

Classification of the contracts by Groups: communities, rents..., type of company, etc. in addition to 4 auxiliary fields of free denomination.

Up to two clients involved: one attended and the other invoiced.

Agreement for the collections: method and period.

Agent: if it is the case, it allows to control the clients of an agent and to commission it.

Controls by date:

                Validity of the contract.

                Period of visits.

                Billing period: Days, months, years.

Regardless of the item to be invoiced, we will mark the value to be invoiced for the period. A discount is also allowed.

Verial planning

It can be billed for anticipated or overdue periods.

Automatic invoicing of the contracts of a period or the chosen filters.

If there is more than one contract you are allowed to bill together or separately, automatically.

If they are charged by bank receipt, they are ready for the C-19-14 notebook.

Client lists and contracts.

Contract listings:

                In force, cancelled, etc.

Quota lists.

Listings with multiple filters to get the information you want.