The volume of a wholesale company must be correctly managed from the customer's order, with information and agility. A good system for the salesmen and distributors is fundamental, besides having the control of our business.


Verial planning

Simple, composite, manufactured...

Manual or automatic codes (different barcodes and EAN codes)

Serial numbers.

Traceability: batches, lots and expiry dates.

Packages, pieces, boxes, etc.

Sizes and colours.

Relationship by links.

Mass registration: manual or by text file.

40 auxiliary fields definable by the user.

Verial planning

Wide range of clients and suppliers.

Fiscal, commercial and shipping data.

General and special rates per customer.

Online discounts.

Agent / commission agent per customer.

Amount of risk for the sale.

Verial planning

Notifications in the customer/vendor documents.

No. of copies to be printed per document type.

Sending of invoices by e-mail in PDF format.

Linking external documents (in multiple formats) to your file, for greater control.

Verial planning

Invoices, delivery notes, orders, quotations, returns, simplified invoices.

Total or partial invoicing of delivery notes.

Delivery notes in firm and in deposit.

Conversion of documents (simplified sentences, delivery notes, invoices, quotations and orders).

Automatic replacements.

Order manager.

Customer balance control.

Stock management.

Multiple warehouses, series, periodicities and collection methods.

Box arches.

Sales reports.

Verial planning

Easy access to reports, for the distribution of goods in trucks.

Verial planning

By keyboard and/or touch screen.

Easy to use and agile to sell and collect.

Simplified invoices on hold.

Collection screen.

Introduction of items by keyboard or barcode reader.

Verial planning

Management of purchases from suppliers:

Invoices, delivery notes, orders, quotations and returns.

Stock control, multi-warehouse.

Batches, items, serial numbers, expiration dates...

Documents of receipts, issues, movements between warehouses and partial or complete inventories

Updating of costs and prices...

Replenishment of goods, automatic generation of orders by vendor.

Transfer of articles between warehouses, justified withdrawals, perishable and deteriorated.

Verial planning

Various types of agents / commission agents: company staff and external.

Commission groups: by articles, categories, commission groups and rate groups.

Different types of calculations for commissions.

Control of technicians and movements.

Configurable fields.

Manpower by hours and minutes.

Management of work orders, revisions and repairs.

Direct invoicing and/or departures from the warehouse from the revision and repair files.

Verial planning

Verial Management provides all the information generated by the program through screens with multiple filters, to access precisely the content we want. For this purpose, we have developed the "Report Center", a screen that groups the most frequent reports, so that the user can easily access all the information needed.

The reports cover every facet of the program: basic reception and maintenance reports, management reports, purchases, financial reports, collections and payments, cash registers, production, statistics, accounting, etc.