How much does a project cost?

Verial has designed this analysis tool to know precisely the costs of a company, a specific project or several simultaneously.

Its tree structure allows you to create the precise levels and, in addition, to be able to pass on the costs of a project to the general costs of the company.

And all without using accounting accounts.


For a company with no other pretensions than to know its real costs, without having to keep official accounts, we will draw up a simple project:

A single tree is defined with the levels we need to weigh. Each level collects the totals of the sub-levels it covers. This way we have the totals and the detail.

The data is extracted from the invoices received by line, manually or automatically:

Verial has designed a tool to distribute that expense in percentages. The expense can go to one or several sections of a project, or to several sections of several projects.

Project: It can be a work centre, a construction site, an element of the company, etc. We will be able to define as many projects as we need to control and make some contribute data to others and thus have information about each project and the total of the company.

The information collected will be presented through various reports that by means of filters will show the data of the chosen project, as a simple tree, with data month by month, or comparing periods that provide us with differences, percentages and deviations.

The Data Center allows you to see all the documents that have generated some value for the Cost Center, even allows you to open those documents and vary percentages.