Specialized module for control and repair centers.

Particularly designed for Technical Assistance Services: Mechanical workshops, lifts, electronics, etc.

Its multiple configurable fields allow the definition and adaptation to each sector.


Verial planning

Each element to be controlled has its own card with the necessary fields to identify it: Reference, model, manufacturer, owner or client, etc.

The card has 16 auxiliary fields of free denomination to collect the characteristics that interest us: license plate, chassis number, etc. and 6 of these fields can be transferred to the delivery note or the invoice.

Guarantees: Whether it is a new element or a repair, the technical card allows to control the guarantee period.

It also has a tab with auxiliary fields of different types: text, number, date, etc. up to a total of 40, as well as two other tabs to associate files and images.

Verial planning

We can establish dates and periods of revisions, generation of documents from these files, list of revisions and repairs carried out, which parts were replaced, which operators carried them out, how much time they spent on the job and on travel.

Verial planning

This card is prepared to carry out the functions of a workshop:

Work orders - Revisions - Repairs.

The work order will specify the diagnosis and solution of the work.

You can also attach photos or images of the state of the vehicle or of the specific fault.

It generates a deposit order with the legal text for this purpose.

It allows the generation of an inspection or repair sheet automatically associated to this work order.

We will be able to get reports by cards, by technicians and hours, by revisions, repairs, etc.